1. How quickly we forget that we had lakes and rivers that caught on fire in the 60s and 70s! Nobody questioned the destruction of the environment. Sounds like more heads in the sand again with Bitcoin smokescreen clouding their poor judgment.

  2. Look! It's very simple: Bitcoin is going to be mined no matter what, it can't be stopped. If this place wasn't mining using carbon offsets and natural gas, then itbwould be mined in China using child labor, dirty coal and profits to the Communist party. At least this way, Americans can make money and it's better for the environment in the end.

  3. Bitcoin mining uses more renewable energy than any other industry in the world. And the fact that most people are too afraid of change to understand it, like the internet back when it started haha keep stackin boys don't ever let them scare you to sell. When you grasp the crypto community and bitcoin, you quickly realize how early you've gotten in and there's no other way then up.

  4. Am I the only one who physically cannn ot watch these general descriptions of bitcoin it so cringe like all the tools in the world but would still rather just say whatever

  5. Fake money? What do she think all currency is? Someone who created something called currency basically made up money .. the video is stupid they just mad cause people will be rich.. stick with your 0.1% interest rate in a capitalist centralized bank and I will stick with DEFI the future lol

  6. The United States is 1932 Germany, get A BC wallet. And get you and your families out of the USA they did not plan anything good they are going to steal everything you have there are FEMA camps with guillotines and crematoriums in every state Texas has two everybody better be aware that the government is an infiltration JFK warned us about long ago Biden admitted being part of this group California lost a lot of homes to mnuchin and Harris's wright in ripoff they must have learned that one from madigan and Chicago

  7. Don’t worry, Mr. Burns is recycling all those dead fish into a product called ‘L’il Lisa Slurry’. It can be used as animal food, insulation for low-income housing, engine coolant and an explosive.

  8. This is about the separation of money and state. NBC knows this, and they're terrified. We could easily look at Tesla under the same lens (dirty power in China). Have fun staying poor NBC.

  9. Fake currency indeed.
    What if Crypto is just another way to siphon wealth put of a collapsing fiat currency?
    And, if there is no electrical power, how is digital currency worth anything?
    Guess we'll just have nation states, divided ala Hunger Games, where the wealthy will live in regions that are electricity and water rich.
    By natural or man-made means.

  10. Though I am a big supporter of Crypto (which would destabilize the USD), the irony of pushing a digital currency that requires it's own power plant, while the US government simultaneously prints money to shovel a 'green' agenda is not lost on me.

  11. When you listen to the negatives, anyone trying to rationalize that away with some positives that are sketchy at best sounds pretty ignorant.

  12. This video is filled with a lot of moronic opinions of people who don't understand anything beyond a wine glass and backed up by zero scientific evidence. Completely omitted the fact that all water is screened so finely coming in that no fish are harmed with the cooling intake. Complete omitted that cooling waters are ran through radiators and brought back to surface temps before returning. Completely omitted the amount of CO2 they produce vs what they are allowed to produce is about half. Completely omitted that CO2 is plant food for their precious grape vines.

  13. Lmao, stop Bitcoin it's ruining our alcohol. What exactly are the values here? Come back and watch this video in 5 years when there's 6 times more USD than there is today 🤭

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