1. Friend, your videos are interesting and well made – but PLEASE note alongside the value of various digital currencies the value of…commas! FFS take a breath, slow down the narration!!

  2. I"m looking at getting into mining ETH. I've watched a few videos about it so far. What confuses me is that everyone references how much they make ie $48/day etc per mining rig for example. Isn't the price of secondary importance? I'm trying to figure out how much ETH/Day or Per month can be mined. Wouldn't the price or ROI per day be reflective of the spot Price of ETH? I just want to know can you mine 0.05 ETH/day or lets say 1 ETH/month. That's what I want to know and understand. IF you hold the ETH and it goes to 10k/coin then your net ROI changes significantly. I just want to accumulate as much as possible in the next couple years.

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  4. Nice video, thanks for making it. I however do not understand "your plan". You said you are going to be looking out for deals on cards, so I presume you will keep increasing your mining capacity? But what are you going to mine, what will the strategy be?

  5. Nice, it will be interesting to see where all the hashrate ends up after the merge/eth2 becomes active. Hopefully it is evenly spread out through all algorithms and crypto coins. Possibly even a new one may present itself as the new hero….perhaps? for mining. Personally i GPU mining profits alot with ERGO mining so far very big, nice profits. Some people may even see it not even worth it when it all switches over but there is really no excuse to keep mining if your power is cheap or free.

  6. I am a newbie in the mining space and have a question. So basically Ethereum is being secured with 10 million GPUs, while other coins like Ravencoin, ergo, conflux will maybe have 600,000 combined. Won't the rewards for mining either of these coins go to nil if all those 10 M Ethereum GPUs suddenly freed up and started competing for a bit of the much smaller Ergo/ Ravencoin pie?

  7. So eventually banks and whales will own most of the ethereum and make all the rewards. This just rewards people holding large amounts of eth and these are the people making the rules

  8. Rewards on RVN are gonna be cut by lets say 50% from all the hashrate moving over…. then by another 50% because of the halving. RVN uses more power so most people will not be profitable on RVN which is the most talked about coin for GPU miners

  9. Im new to the cripto world with a weak laptop with a GTX 1060, which i don't know how to calculate my electricity cost and now i see this news, which are terrible news.

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