1. are there any non scammy android based mining apps i can install? i have about half a dozen smartphones just sitting around collecting dust. and a 100 watt solar panel, if you get where im going with this.

  2. So what is the total profit for the month? I have just arrived in this world, I have an old gaming rig with an R9 380X and an i5 6500 that I am thinking of using to mine. I guess the final profit really depends on the price of electricity right? of how much money could we be talking about more or less? thanks a lot for your help!

  3. I thank everyone for linking me up with walhackk on 1NSTA… his techniques are superb✴️I've gotten my first profit after just 3 days of investing 💯trusted….

  4. Nice green screen! Personally, I have had great profitability with Indium coin, which I believe that you have reviewed on this channel.

  5. Nice vid Shane, i mined Eth with my AMD rig and one of my Nvidia. The second was on VDL, too bad difficulty went up on that coin. I got a little less that expected

  6. Hi Shane,
    Great vid on profits, I was solo mining etc until the last 51% attack and made a bit more than pool mining eth but since the attack I switched to mining eth and profits haven't been too bad.

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