1. That is great for a week with doing nothing. Imagine if you had a rig with 8 of them, oh wait they want 1800 for one gpu when you can buy the entire computer for 2500. I would buy computers for now

  2. Friendly Reminder

    Uncle Doge departs for 50 million again in 4 days


    They have a fucking billboard in times square NYC for 5 whole days

    Last chance to get in before the moon

    Join the tg group and see for your self.

  3. With the cheapish electricity I have at around $0.09/kwh, my 2070 super estimates about $3/24h after electricity.

    Assuming I use my computer for 4 hours a day and mine the rest, that's $2.50/day, or $75/month. Assuming I manage this for a year with no major upsets, and factoring in a 5 percent cut from nicehash when I cash out, that's $855 passive income.

    The weird/fucked up part is that doesn't even buy a new 2070 super with how abjectly ruined the market is. I paid $539 for mine Jan 2020. Now the exact same card/brand is going for $1200.

  4. Nicehash is actually nicehack also… They do not let people to withdraw when bitcoin value tends/start to change in a high percentage… If they need to this in a moderate amount, they do some part of their miners and most of people do not know about it but if they they need to this in a large scale then simply there happens a hack attemp and they prevent withdrawal prevention for days .for the sake of them of course. What do you expect… a scammer , a thief, a hacker created this company.

    so if your withdrawal status is processing but nothing is happining, no hash to check…. then they brain hack you… earning money from your money that you want to withdraw…

  5. hey can you help me ? i have gotten a rtd 2070 and a 3070 but both drop to around 2 euro per day. what causes this? i have seen that you are at 10 dollars with a 3080 but both of mine hardly reach 6 euro. ( i think 8-9 euro is 10 dollar). do you still use nicehash? have you switched because they are paying to less?
    an update would be nice!
    greetings from germany Matrose!

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